Handcrafted meals, made for each child’s growth and learning.

School lunches are all handmade by Chef Emori, consisting of rice, side dishes, soup, and sweets made from seasonal ingredients. All meals are made with the children’s enjoyment and health in mind. *The following are examples of side dishes that are included in a meal.


A mellow, creamy egg custard made with Chef Emori’s finest Rausu konbu and katsuobushi dashi soup.

Turnip and Carrot Consomme Soup

Rich, delicious consommé soup with soft turnips and carrots.

Milk Vegetable Soup

A creamy vegetable and dashi soup made with fresh milk, cabbage, and carrots.

Tomato and Egg Soup

Egg soup with dashi soup, sweet tomatoes, crunchy lettuce, and fluffy eggs.

Miso Sablefish

The finest sablefish pickled with Chef Emori’s original Saikyo miso, grilled with care on low heat. You’ll surely never forget this flavor.

Boiled Koya Tofu

Tofu prepared with Rausu konbu and katsuobushi dashi, accompanied by an assortment of carrots and mushrooms. A simmered dish like this is representative of the Japanese identity.


Nutritious, flavorful hijiki prepared with dashi stock.

Spanish Mackerel

Fresh mackerel prepared with Chef Emori’s secret broth. Very tender and delicious.

Foil Grilled Salmon

Carefully selected salmon marinated and grilled with mayonnaise and mushrooms. Even the most simple of recipes is transformed into a delicious dish by Chef Emori.

Omelette-style Dashimaki

Fluffy and delicious rolled egg omelette made with dashi broth, eggs, and soy sauce. Very popular with children.


Salmon and bonito rice balls made with fresh rice, or Chef Emori’s specialty Inari sushi.


Nyuumen noodles prepared with dashi stock and Chef Emori’s original broth, served with spinach. Popular dish with gentle flavor but rich umami.


Rice porridge prepared with dashi stock and Chef Emori’s original broth, served with pumpkin and assorted vegetables. Once you start eating this deliciously sweet dish, you can’t stop.


Plain yogurt topped with regional honey and seasonal fruits.