Summer school④

Today is the last day of our summer school. Everyone knows each other well and we played a lot together. We made our own iron beads art by following a detailed pattern. So fun to watch it melt with an iron! For our worksheets, we practiced our writing skills and learned how to read long sentences. Thank you for today and see you next month, kids!(8/25)


Summer school④

Good morning to a partly sunny and warm summer school day!
At first we started introducing ourselves and repeating the days of the week. We filled in the gaps and also sang the months of the year.
We also answered questions about our favorite things!
For worksheets we worked on dissecting words, finding the correct number of syllables and writing exercise.
For craft, we designed our very own and special bag with markers!
We hope, you enjoyed this day kids!(8/24)


Summer school④

Welcome to this cloudy summer school morning!
We started our Wednesday with introducing ourselves to our classmates. We sang the days of the week and played the missing day. We also repeated the month of the year and practiced the order with a game.
After that we continued our morning with following directions on ocean animals.
Today we will go to the summer concert and listen to beautiful violin and piano music!
What a great morning, thank you kids!(8/23)

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